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Our Fleet

Victoria Equipment Sales offers select heavy machinery available to be purchased and shipped anywhere worldwide. Let us give you a quote.

Excavators perform the heavy-duty earthmoving functions that are so crucial to many construction operations. These diggers range in size from compact units to enormous heavy excavators weighing in excess of two million pounds.

Why a backhoe loader? Have a digging job? Trenching? Demolitions or transporting material? Then a backhoe might be what you need. Useful for everything from paving and clearing asphalt to landscaping. These machines can handle a wide variety of jobs.

Need to push a lot of material? Crawler Dozers. Track Dozers. Bulldozers. Victoria Equipment offers a variety selection of top-quality dozers for sale to add to your heavy equipment fleet. Whether soil, sand or rubble we have the dozer sized for whatever your job needs.

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