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Extra Mile for You

Need heavy machinery? We can help.

We've been selling equipment since 1990


About Victoria Equipment

Before breaking into the equipment business, the Rasks' were in the oil and gas business. Lowell Rask worked for Standard Oil from 1956-1976 and founded Rask Oil, a jobber for Amaco, in 1976. Lowell and his son Bob Rask began Victoria Equipment in the early 1990's, selling Rask Oil in the late 1990's. Today Bob and his son Brandon run operations for Victoria Equipment.


Excavators provide extra power for performing tough digging applications at depths down to 23'. They also provide increased lift capacity for lifting and placing pipe sections and other heavy objects

Bulldozers feature power angle-tilt blades for outstanding performance and precision control in a variety of earthmoving applications.

Compact Loaders feature a unique steering system that allows them to turn 360º within their own length. This ability provides unsurpassed maneuverability working in tight spaces.

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